Helen Radnedge

Did you know that Helen Radnedge moved to here when she was fifteen and grew up here? Her childhood although was very good. Her job before becoming a councillor was working at Gisborne Hardware and her favourite place is the Nature Reserve.

What made her interested in becoming a councillor is how being a councillor works and its levels of government. Why did the wards split up? So the population is almost similar in all three wards. Does Helen and the other nine councillors disagree? Yes but they always disagree in a respectful meaning way being fair with no fights. There is always nine councillors to keep an odd number going so that one of the votes make it, if there was eight people in the council and one day there was a vote where four people said yes and four people said no it would be a tie and be harder to chose. So they stop that from happening by having nine people in the council. What if a person went on holiday? Or was sick? Then one of the councillors gets two votes to keep it even. Helen doesn’t get a lot of time with her family now days. Helen is fond of wildlife and nature.

My Conclusion on Helen Radnedge.

I found out that the information on the website wasn’t as detailed as when Helen came and told us what she loved and what inspired her to be a councillor. Now I know what is her favourite place and what she loves best. She used to work at Gisborne Hardware and I didn’t know that before and her favourite place is the Nature Reserve. I learned things that the website didn’t provide and Helen’s facts about herself were interesting.





There I saw them
marching right through the crowd
I hugged my mum right beside me
and cried quite loud
my dad marched with the soldiers being one of them
he looked scared when he looked at me right then.

I was on a boat homesick feeling queasy
I left my daughter and wife
I felt in my pocket a photograph of us
I took it in my hands cause this depends on my life
will we survive or die?
I looked outside the window as we enter a fight
there were enemy soldiers on the cliffs
we panicked seeing they had weapons.
We dove underwater in our boat
and made it slightly below 100 depth.
Again panic arose around and we came to surface
we got hit and surrendered using a white sheet
I jumped of the boat and into the water
ready to survive prison camp

By: Ava McDonald

The Lighthouse and Camp Wilkin

The class did a trip to Anglesea and we went on the beach by the lighthouse. We learned about estuaries and the ocean then we climbed the stairs in the lighthouse and the lighthouse had 136 steps! Then the class went to Camp Wilkin. When we got there we unpacked our bags and filled our cabins and then we went to activities. We all did archery, the low ropes, the flying fox and the rock wall. All of us liked  each of the activities. My favorite was the flying fox and the rock wall. Then after the rock wall a teacher tried the flying fox and it was hilarious! The rock wall was hard and the flying fox was fun with the wind in my face, archery was hard and not easy then the low ropes were ok.

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